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Couple shot at nightclub to sue police

The UN Refugee Agency says the Australian government is not honouring an agreement to allow some asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to be settled in Australia. A large huntsman spider described as being the “size of a guinea pig”, survives a three-month journey from Brisbane inside a family’s shipping container. Arnold Thomas & Becker partner¬†Kim Price told Fairfax Media that civil proceedings would be initiated in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Monday morning. Mr Ewins, who worked as a hospitality manager on the Bass Coast,¬†was shot “multiple times in his back” before he was Tasered and assaulted by police, according to his lawyer. The couple had attended the Saints and Sinners Ball at Inflation nightclub, when police received “a number of phone calls in relation to the male with the firearm, including from the venue,” according to Superintendent Lisa Hardeman. The first shot was fired just after 3.54am on Saturday July 8, but CCTV footage obtained by Fairfax Media revealed several police officers first entered the building at 2.52am.

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