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Ontario guard faces discipline for tweets about inmate in solitary confinement – The Globe and Mail

An Ontario prison officer is facing disciplinary proceedings for a series of tweets about an inmate in solitary confinement that raised doubts about the province's commitment to embrace more humane segregation practices. Read more: Solitary confinement: How four people's stories have changed Canada's hearts, minds and laws​ A Ministry

Cop Called To Arrest Alleged Shoplifter Ends Up Buying Her Diapers Helping Out In Her Hour Of Need

A kindhearted cop in Laurel, Maryland, is receiving plaudits for dealing with an alleged shoplifter in a genuinely heartwarming way. After security guards at a Giant grocery store detained a young mother this weekend for allegedly trying to steal $15 worth of diapers, Laurel Police Department Officer Bennett Johns cited

Ask for a badge number, get the cuffs.

A Texas cop asks a teen (who is working for a lawn mowing company) for his ID and some info. When all he was doing was cutting grass. Via @Elguxop_Marly.Join BitConnect: The Eliot On Steemit: Make sure you up vote the content! Follow Our Backup Channel On

A Brief History of What Happens When White Women Are Killed by Cops

In the wake of Damond’s death—she was fatally shot while unarmed and pajama-clad by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, who was responding to her 911 call—photojournalist Angela Jimenez released a widely circulated video of the 40-year-old Australian veterinarian-turned-yogini rescuing a gaggle of ducklings trapped in a sewer and reuniting