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Former deputy: Nude photos part of research

Kmatz said in the suit that he was forced to resign or be terminated because he was caught viewing pictures of nude women at work. But he said in the complaint that the nudes weren’t on pornographic sites and he was looking at them for legitimate research. Felicia Romero, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, declined to comment on the case, citing the pending litigation. He was then interviewed as part of that internal affairs investigation, and Kmatz said he “engaged in protected activity of opposing discrimination in the workplace.” Weeks later, Kmatz said in the complaint, he was the target of an internal affairs investigation for surfing the internet on duty and looking at pictures of nude women. Kmatz said in the complaint that compared with viewing photos of naked women, he “is aware of other deputies committing much more egregious violations of policy who were not fired.” The complaint, filed in 2nd Judicial District Court, is seeking damages that would compensate him for the earnings he would have received if he had not been forced to resign and additional damages “for his mental anguish and humiliation.”

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