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Who Failed to Investigate 400 Sex Crime Cases, Many Targeting Children? Newly Pardoned Joe Arpaio [12/9/11]

GUADALUPE, Ariz. — Although Joe Arpaio calls himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” a growing chorus of local critics want another title for him: Retired. Sheriff Arpaio, the top law enforcement official in sprawling Maricopa County, is perhaps best known for his hard-nosed treatment of prisoners and his aggressive raids aimed

Reuters has counted 1,005 incidents in the U.S. in which people died after police stunned them with the electrical weapons

According to court records, police reports, and news stories from 1983, as well as reports by other organizations, Reuters found that Tasers save lives, say police officials and Axon Enterprise, the company that makes them, citing independent studies showing that when deployed correctly—according to “guidelines” Axon offers to police—Tasers reduce injuries among both