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Body cam shows Ohio deputy shooting news photographer… Proves this cop, like many others are too terrified to do the job.

Body camera video released by the Clark County Sheriff's Office shows Deputy Jake Shaw shoot New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm. Clark County Sheriff release:At around 10:15PM on the night of September 4, 2017, Deputy Jake Shaw initiated a traffic stop in the City of New Carlisle. During the

Corruption On Every Level, From the Arresting Officers to the Drug Lab Chemist to the Evidence Room to the Prosecutors, Springfield, MA Drug Defendant Files $5.7 Million Federal Lawsuit

SPRINGFIELD -- A civil rights lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court combines nearly every recent high-profile law enforcement scandal in the region -- which, according to the complaint, collided to unfairly put one man behind bars for more than five years. The 57-page lawsuit filed Tuesday paints a disheartening picture of