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If this isn’t oppressive, idk what is

A source with direct knowledge of the situation, who spoke to The Dispatch on the condition of anonymity, said Police Chief Oscar Lewis issued Dowd a written reprimand after the incident, and ordered him to complete online training courses in communication practices. Smith said failing to address the problem

Not To paraphrase the astronomer Arthur Eddington, not only is law enforcement more insane than we imagine, it’s more insane than we can imagine. Indeed, the feds aren’t wasting time they are training dogs to sniff out…child pornography. No kidding…

In 1979 six police dogs at two public schools in Highland, Indiana, alerted to 50 students, only 17 of whom possessed contraband (marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and cans of beer), meaning the false positive rate was 66 percent. Similarly, a 2006 study by the New South Wales Ombudsman in Australia,