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After 5 years, Ferguson drops charges against black man cited as victim of biased policing

Officers had systematically targeted African Americans in stops and arrests, the department’s 2015 report found, and generated revenue from them by aggressively enforcing small violations of the city’s code. In one particularly alarming example, investigators described a 32-year-old black man who was sitting in his parked car after a game of pickup basketball in the

Disturbing video of St. Louis police indiscriminately pepper spraying people on the ground, hands up

In a video shot on Sunday night, police can be seen boxing in protesters and closing in on them from all sides for a “mass arrest” that included journalists and ACLU legal observers. In a video from St. Louis-based live streaming journalist Rebelutionary Z, police can be clearly seen threatening and pepper spraying

Officer Joseph Bogard, was told to hand over his badge and weapon after a shocking video emerged in Ohio, US

Joseph Bogard, 32, has been relieved of his duties after a shocking video emerged appearing to show him throwing punches at Timothy Davis while making an arrest. Columbus Mayor Andrew Grither told ABC News: "I applaud the chief's action to take away this officer's weapon and badge." Lisa Appleton strips

‘I had a bad feeling watching those videos’ Police Commissioner denounces police brutality

Videos showed police punching and kicking haredi demonstrators and throwing protestors to the ground unprovoked. One clip showed a police commander purposely breaking a demonstrator's glasses with no apparent provocation. "I had a bad feeling when I saw the videos yesterday," Alsheich said, and made it clear that the