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Family of unarmed man shot and killed by Santa Ana policeman files federal civil rights lawsuit

Attorneys for the family, in a complaint filed Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Santa Ana, allege that Officer David Prewett used “unreasonable and/or excessive force” by shooting Steve Salgado three times in the back. In July, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office found that there is “insufficient evidence”

In Baltimore 900 cases are under review or dropped due to bad cops. Hundreds of people have locked up illegally, unjustly tried, or otherwise destroyed by crooked policing

And now statistics released this week by the Office of City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby paint a picture of just how significant a toll a series of scandals and miscues has taken on an already overburdened criminal justice system. Misconduct by police has led to dropped cases, overturned convictions

How Bad Apples Spoil the Whole Bunch

You may have read about Michael Hamill, the “hot cop” from Gainesville, Florida, who became famous for his hunky good looks shortly after Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Sunshine State. A photo posted on Facebook by the Gainesville Police Department showing officers, from left, John Nordman, Michael Hamill