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No Justice, No Peace, Just Crooked Police

They always find some reason for the cop not to be charged—or to face minimal punishment if he or she does happen to get charged and convicted—or to be acquitted altogether. Google and the Equal Justice Initiative launched a website Tuesday that explores the history and… They don’t have to gather a crowd, because the videos will be shown on repeat across the internet and social media in perpetuity. Now we are “black identity extremists,” and our existence poses even more of a threat than those who are cutting us down like so much dead grass as they trample over our basic freedoms. Just three weeks after he was acquitted of all charges connected to the shooting death of Philando… Think about how hard it is for a regular (black) citizen to get a job when he or she has committed a crime and has a conviction. Another police officer has walked away without… They get put back on the streets, where they continue to abuse their powers, escalate instead of de-escalate and fire their weapons, then claim that they were scared.

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