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No suprise here: Fired Mendota Heights police sergeant hired by Farmington as a patrol officer

Farmington has hired a former Mendota Heights police sergeant who was fired after authorizing an illegal search during the investigation of a drug overdose death. Bobby Lambert was sworn in as a patrol officer at Monday’s city council meeting, joining a 25-member police force. The county attorney’s office eventually

Bad Prosecutors Are Even Worse than Bad Cops: Suit Against DA Who Used Fake Subpoenas To Put Victims In Jail Kicks Off Civil Rights Battle

Despite having a master’s degree in business administration, she’s worried she’ll have trouble finding a new job: Her mug shot and a record of her arrest are still floating around online. None of those facts make Singleton’s story extraordinarily noteworthy: Legally innocent defendants unable purchase their freedom ahead of

On duty cop walks up to woman walking dog and shoots her in the back without warning. Woman turns out to be cops ex-girlfriend

Investigators also confirmed the deputy, Michael DeMarco, used his service weapon to shoot the woman who had recently broken up with him. Contact 5 learned DeMarco and the female lived in the same building, but in different apartments. Officers were called to the Inlet Harbor Club, a gated community