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Overweight policewoman who repeatedly failed the fitness ‘bleep test’ and was nicknamed ‘Blue Moon’ because she was so rarely in work loses her discrimination case

Detective Constable Rebecca Tiffin said she felt she was being 'over-scrutinised' by Surrey Police, and was suing them for disability and sex discrimination after failing to complete the mandatory test. Ms Tiffin's superior had allowed her access to the gym facilities at Staines Police Station in Surrey (above) and

Las Vegas Sheriff Obstructing Justice

Sheriff Lombardo will be witness number after Security Guard Jesus Campos in the avalanche of civil laws suits already flying at the MGM. After changing the story so many times, there’s no question Sheriff Lombardo will be a star witness for the MGM now in any civil lawsuits, according to lawyers we’ve

Bellingham police officer arrested on allegations of beating two men, making threats to kill … 10/19/17

A Bellingham Police officer made his first appearance Thursday in Whatcom County Superior Court on allegations he beat two men, fracturing one’s face, and also making threats to kill. The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office received a call Wednesday around 1:40 a.m., reporting an assault at 8282 Portal Way in

Harris Co. deputy sentenced to 8 years in prison for sodomizing a person in custody during traffic stop.

Former Harris County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Pierson faces multiple charges, including aggravated sodomy and sexual battery. A former Harris County sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to 17 years in prison, eight to serve Thursday afternoon on a sexual assault conviction by Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters. “And I was verbally

An officer with a history of raping women while on duty pleads guilty to another sex crime he committed on a woman he assaulted during a traffic stop. He tried to kiss the victim, he tried to put his hand down the victim’s pants, and he grabbed the victim’s hand and placed it on his penis.

Former Spring Hill police officer Christopher Odom pleaded guilty to a criminal civil rights violation in federal court Tuesday. On or about the night of June 25, 2016, Odom pulled over a woman as she was leaving a restaurant at The Crossing of Spring Hill shopping center in Maury County.

Two of the Chicago airport cops who beat up Dr David Dao got fired for lying about it (but not for the beating)

Dao’s attorney Thomas Demetrio said in a statement that it’s “unfortunate” that the conduct of the two aviation officers resulted in their losing their jobs. Two Chicago Aviation Officers Fired For Role In Dragging United Passenger From Flight [Mary Beth Quirk/Consumerist] In September, we learned that the pharma giant