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Providence Shooting Gone Wrong – State Police and Providence Police Shot the Wrong People

Providence Shooting Gone Wrong - State Police and Providence Police Shot the Wrong People—Providence Shooting Gone Wrong -… EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Police Shooting in Providence Caught on Camera—EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Police Shooting Caught… NEW: One Person Dead Following Shooting on I-95 Near Providence Place Mall—NEW: One Person Dead Following… Did Commerce

Update on the black St. Paul candidate for mayor that the Police Union sent the racist flyer to voters…He won! Now union wants all to be forgotten.

“I really wish something could be done about this.” Besides low morale, the cop said, officers are still smarting over the way they were instructed to respond to the freeway protests that erupted following the police shooting more than a year ago of Philando Castile. I want the mayor

Who are the US police really protecting?

While both sides have been known to employ violent tactics, there's a double standard at work; for example, critics of the black bloc have been oddly silent about the gun-toting Klansmen in Charlottesville and the National Rifle Association's bloodthirsty threats masquerading as advertisements. He does, however, care about currying

Family calls cops for help with harassment, cop shoots their dog and complains about the cost of the bullet

Kelli Sullivan called the Evangeline Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Department for help with a difficult neighbor who'd harassed her family; when the Sheriff's Deputy arrived, he shot their rat terrier in the head in front of her children, then griped about the expense of the valuable hollow-point bullet he'd squandered

After Night of Drinking, F.B.I. Supervisor Wakes to Find a Woman Stole His Gun and His Rolex

counterterrorism supervisor is under internal investigation after a woman stole his gun following a night of heavy drinking in a North Carolina hotel, according to documents and government officials. In July, Robert Manson, a unit chief in the F.B.I.’s international terrorism section, had his Glock .40-caliber handgun, a $6,000