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Dash Cam records cops discussing terrorist attacks they would commit if they were fired, including committing arson and using car bombs to kill civilians.

The 11 News I-Team has obtained a dash cam recording that landed a police officer in Cecil County in hot water earlier this year. Whether the statements on the recording were serious or said in gest, the police chief took action, calling it a matter of integrity. On duty

Cop responsible for largest mass arrest in Canadian history, hundreds of unlawful arrests, hundreds of civil rights violations, and ignoring the actual criminals, loses some vacation days.

"It is difficult for us to conceive how convictions for the mass arrests, found to be unlawful, of hundreds of individuals in contravention of their Charter rights are not at the more serious end of the spectrum of misconduct." The commission panel sided with Hamilton, saying he was "acutely

Florida Cop befriends elderly woman who later discovers the cop had been forging checks in her name, the women tries to press charges so the cop has the woman committed to a mental hospital then tries to murder her when she’s released.

(CNN)A 79-year-old woman's interaction with a longtime Sarasota, Florida, deputy sheriff began with a simple call for help. Sheriff Knight escorts long-time employee Frankie Bybee to sallyport door, faces slew of felonies including Attempted Murder #Accountability