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‘I’m an assistant district attorney so shut the f**k up’: Dallas prosecutor is fired after Uber driver claimed she berated and hit him, called him ‘a legitimate retard’ and accused him of kidnapping her on a drunken ride home

An Uber driver was driving a Dallas prosecutor home from a bar when he claims the woman got angry at him for getting lost, physically and verbally attacked him, and then accused him of kidnapping her. Shaun Platt, 26, recorded a portion of his interaction with Dallas County Assistant

2nd trooper suing Mass. State Police never shredded documents involving arrest of judge’s daughter despite order, she says

Both troopers claim orders to redact the arrest report, which contained alleged statements made by Bibaud about performing sex acts for drugs, came from McKeon. A 35-year veteran of the State Police and Worcester native, McKeon announced his retirement Friday as the allegations he ordered the removal of embarrassing

DOJ: Civil Asset Forfeiture Is A Good Thing That Only Harms All Those Criminals We Never Arrest

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has taken a brief vacation from his "Responsible Encryption World Tour" to defend the merits of something equally questionable: civil asset forfeiture. Thanks to civil asset forfeiture, the Department of Justice is announcing today the record-setting distribution of restitution to victims of Bernard Madoff’s