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Mom gets pulled over for traffic violation. Cop threatens to jail her unless she buys drugs for an undercover operation. She calls a lawyer so the cops threaten to charge her with buying the drugs they ordered her to buy and say they will give her name to the drug dealer she helped get arrested.

[September 24, 2012] Friendswood Police pull this lady over for not using a signal on a lane change and for some reason end up strip searching her and blackmailing her into becoming a snitch.Read more: may need to copy and paste the address into your browser directly, some

Mayor’s convictions overturned on traffic tickets issued by Cops in retaliation for demotion of fellow-Cop

Superior Court Judge Frederic McDaniel on Oct. 30 ruled Mayor Angela Garretson was not guilty of charges that she disregarded a police officer's hand signals, improperly passed other cars stopped at a construction work site and used a cell phone while driving. Garretson's lawyers have said police Officer Matthew