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[11/29/17] Girlfriend agrees to $800,000 settlement stemming from Philando Castile’s shooting death by police

Diamond Reynolds, who broadcast to the world what happened after a Minnesota police officer fatally shot her boyfriend, Philando Castile, has agreed to a settlement worth $800,000, authorities announced this week. Castile was one of at least 963 people fatally shot by police officers last year, and his death

Court Says Cop’s Theft Of Evidence Shouldn’t Have Any Effect On Man’s 15-Year Drug Sentence

Texas criminal justice blog Grits for Breakfast is highlighting a recent court decision in which several judges somehow found a way to uphold a conviction directly predicated on law enforcement deception. Carrion would then seize the “fake” drugs once they reached their destination (usually a courier), knowing that the

Police officer illegally asking for ID tasers is own partner. classic

A car check by police in the US state of Ohio did not go quite as expected when one of the officers accidentally tasered his partner during a heated altercation with a man who refused to provide his ID.RT LIVE to RT! us on Facebook us